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Are You Tired of Paying for Cheap, Low Quality Roofing Leads?

Most roofing contractors have signed up for pay per lead websites like Home Advisor, Angie's List, Thumbtack, Networx, and Houzz..

The problem is always the same for each roofing contractor.

They pay for leads that don't answer the phone, aren't serious about starting, or have no idea they requested a quote to begin with...

Roofers Must End the Rat Race Of Using Pay Per Lead Websites

Here's what pay per lead website's like Home Advisor, Angie's List, Thumbtack, Networx, Houzz and Yelp don't want you to know

These websites share their leads with you and other roofing contractors in your area.

By the time you call, the home owner has already heard from other roofers in the area and received multiple quotes.  They're basically annoyed that another contractor has called and don't want to be "solicted" anymore.

The type of people that you end up talking to are price shoppers, hagglers and tire kickers. You know who they are...they never answer the phone, they don't return your calls, and they want a $50,000 roof on a $5,000 budget.

Sure, every once in a while you may end up getting a solid job out of these pay per lead websites, but at what cost?

By using these pay per lead websites, your business is "hanging out" with low quality leads that end up being nothing but a headache to you and your business.

An expensive headache at that...

In the end, you realize that you've spent thousands on cheap leads that you don't own and that never pan out.

You're at the mercy of these pay per lead websites because the minute you stop paying they'll stop sending you jobs.

Spending Too Much Time Knocking on Doors?

Are you stuck in the slow and painful process of knocking on doors to pitch your free inspection?

Although you may end up getting you a few booked it really the most efficient way to attract high quality leads?

You have to knock on hundreds of doors a week to generate just a few leads.

Which means majority of the people answering the door are not even in the market for the service you're offering.

They don't care to hear your elevator pitch because they're busy with their kids, on the phone with a friend, or in the middle of dinner...

If they do open the door, they're just patiently waiting for you to wrap up your pitch so they can politely say "we're not interested" and close the door hoping to never hear from you again.

This just leads to burnout because of the constant rejection

Have You Been Relying On Word of Mouth Referrals?

Most roofing contractors are ready to give up on generating leads for their business because of the constant frustration.  They decide to focus on one job at a time doing good, quality work earning word of mouth referrals.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with word of mouth referrals

Unless it's your only way to generate new leads.

Growth can be slow and you have no control of when the next lead will come in.

Again, that's fine if you're happy with being a six-figure roofing company.

But if you're looking to scale into the multi-millions

If you're looking to hire a director of operations and free yourself from your business

If you're looking to build your wealth and finally have your business work for you

Then you need MORE than just word of mouth!

You need a reliable system that can consistently generate you high quality roofing leads every single month!

Introducing the...

Roofing Lead Machine

We've changed the game for how roofing contractors are attracting new high quality leads for their business.

You no longer have to spend thousands on chasing low quality leads on pay per lead websites.

Now, you can invest in your own brand and attract:

30+ roof repair & replacement leads every month.


What type of leads should you expect to get?

These are high quality roof repair and roof replacement leads.

Where people are eager to hire a roofing contractor to repair or replace their roof.

We target jobs that bring in anywhere between $5,000-$30,000 each.

If you're not capable of taking on this type of work at a high volume, then this system is NOT for you!

"Our company has grown 40% this year since we started working together." - Jonathan Cook

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How Does It Work?

  • meeting

    We start with a quick call to discuss what type of jobs you want, what area to target and goals you have for your future.

  • monitoring

    We'll analyze your competition and determine a transparent plan of attack. We'll present the strategy along with a proposed investment and timeline.

  • engineering

    We get started on building out the system right away.  You start receiving more phone calls and leads once it's up and running.

"Last month we had over 200 phone calls!"
- Carlos Ramirez

200 phone calls

257 Phone calls in ONE month!

Another 124 phone calls in ONE month!

124 phone calls

Who Are We?

The Roofing lead machine was founded by Alex Besaw.  Based out of Salinas, CA, Alex started helping local business owners generate more leads on a consistent basis in 2016.

Since then, he has helped hundreds of business owners free themselves from the constant struggle of getting high quality leads.

This lead system works so well because of years of trial and error Alex has encountered along the way.  It wasn't always perfect. He had to fail a few times to know what works and what doesn't work.

Overtime, Alex has created something that truly helps business owners scale up their business.

Stop renting leads from websites that don't care about you or your business.

Conversations With Our Partners

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With respect to your time and ours, please do not schedule a call if you are content with low end jobs, only have 1 crew available to work, or you're not ready to commit to massive growth in your business.