NOTE: We only work with 1 contractor in each city (for exclusivity purposes)

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of this lead generation system depends heavily on the type of leads you want to receive and how competitive it is in your area.

We are up front with our pricing as soon as we know more about your business and have a better understanding of what it will take to generate you the high quality leads you're looking for. 

Our core system is nothing like the pay per lead model or paid advertising. We generate leads by displaying your website & phone number to customers who are looking online with the intent of hiring a roofing contractor.

This is not website SEO where your website is on the 1st page of Google. 

That approach isn't as effective as it once was.  That's because the 1st page is cluttered with paid advertising, Google Guarantees, websites like Yelp, Thumbtack & Home Advisor, leaving little traffic to websites that are owned by local businesses.

Our way is 10x better!

We are probably a complete 180 from Home Advisor and the other pay per lead websites out there.

That's because we don't pass around leads to every roofing contractor and force them to compete with each other to win each bid. 

We're in the business of building your brand and positioning you as the top roofing contractor in your area by sending you EXCLUSIVE leads that are not shared with other roofers.

We work directly with 1 roofing contractor per location which means you get our 100% effort and focus on generating as many leads as possible for your business.

We'll also NEVER increase our prices just because your lead volume has increased.  We generate as many high quality leads as possible with a fixed monthly rate that is designed to get you the best possible return on your investment.

We guarantee that you will see a drastic increase in phone calls once our system is in place and operating efficiently. 

Stop renting leads from websites that don't care about you or your business.

"Last month we had over 200 phone calls!"
- Carlos Ramirez

200 phone calls

257 Phone calls in ONE month!

Another 124 phone calls in ONE month!

124 phone calls

Who Are We?

The Roofing lead machine was founded by Alex Besaw.  Based out of Salinas, CA, Alex started helping local business owners generate more leads on a consistent basis in 2016.

Since then, he has helped hundreds of business owners free themselves from the constant struggle of getting high quality leads.

This lead system works so well because of years of trial and error Alex has encountered along the way.  It wasn't always perfect. He had to fail a few times to know what works and what doesn't work.

Overtime, Alex has created something that truly helps business owners scale up their business.

We'll build your brand and position you as the top contractor in your area.

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NOTE: We only work with 1 contractor in each city (for exclusivity purposes)

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